[aur-general] How to change wrong author email address?

alad alad at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 18 12:24:37 UTC 2021

On 18/02/2021 12:57, Leonidas Spyropoulos via aur-general wrote:
> On 18/02/21, Uwe Koloska via aur-general wrote:
>> Am 17.02.21 um 19:51 schrieb Uwe Koloska via aur-general:
>> To make it clear: I'm speaking about the commit author, not the email
>> address inside the PKGBUILD!
> I don't think it's possible to change this. And yes we both know you can
> technically do it in a git repository but I don't think it's something
> that aurweb is supporting.
> You can check the code though and see why.

TUs can force push git repositories, users can't.



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