[aur-general] Is base an implicit dependency?

Cedric Girard cgirard.archlinux at valinor.fr
Tue Jul 27 09:15:20 UTC 2021


I would like to have a confirmation. I encountered a PKGBUILD on AUR 
that is not building correctly except when systemd is present when 
building. The maintainer considers the makedeps is implicit as systemd 
is dragged by base metapackage.

However devtools only ensures base-devel is present, not base, when 
building in a clean chroot. And I could not find a mention in the wiki 
of base expected to be present when writing a PKGBUILD.

Could you confirm to me what are the guidelines? Does systemd 
(make)dependency should be explicit or not?


Cédric Girard

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