[aur-general] Is base an implicit dependency?

Archange archange at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 27 11:17:59 UTC 2021


Le 27/07/2021 à 11:26, Cedric Girard via aur-general a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 2021-07-27 11:20, Marcin Wieczorek wrote:
>>> The most important meta package is base. It contains a minimal package
>>> set that defines a basic Arch Linux installation. It includes:
>> Without base you wouldn't be building the package on a system that can
>> be called Arch Linux. What's the point then?
> I am misusing devtools feature to build in a clean chroot, then? Or is 
> there a bug in those tools?

No, you’re not, and systemd must be added to makedepends if required at 
build time. The maintainer is wrong.

systemd is not part of base-devel, and base is not part of official 
building chroots (they were reasons for this, but I don’t remember them 
at the moment).

Also, I would still keep base content in dependencies (when required) in 
any case, because we could drop packages from base at any point (they 
are open tickets for some of them already).


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