[aur-general] Minetest and Irrlicht

Yangjun Wang y5nw at outlook.com
Fri Mar 26 08:35:00 UTC 2021

I am not sure if this is the right list to report the situation here.

I am the maintainer of minetest-git, and Minetest uses its own Irrlicht 
fork after its latest release (i.e. the PKGBUILD from the official repo 
does not include any changes regarding the Irrlicht fork), so I would 
like to know:

1) Whether I should keep the Irrlicht fork in the same package as 
minetest-server-git and minetest-git by statically linking the Irrlicht 
library (which I chose to do for now)

2a) (If I statically link the Irrlicht library into the Minetest 
binaries) What to use for the version number, as the version of both 
Minetest and the Irrlicht fork should (in my opinion) be reflected

2b) (If I put the Irrlicht fork into a separate package) The name of the 
package for the Irrlicht fork

Yangjun Wang

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