[aur-general] Do not remove filezilla-bin

Brett Cornwall brett at i--b.com
Wed Nov 3 05:19:25 UTC 2021

On 2021-11-03 10:38, 山田ハヤオ wrote:
>If the difference isn't important, what's important? This can lead to
>the removal of all *-bin packages.
>I have a screenshot that proves a clear difference, but it probably
>has no effect.

Please review the submission guidelines:


In particular:

> The submitted PKGBUILDs must not build applications already in any of 
> the official binary repositories under any circumstances. Check the 
> official package database for the package. If any version of it 
> exists, do not submit the package. If the official package is 
> out-of-date, flag it as such. If the official package is broken or is 
> lacking a feature, then please file a bug report.
> Exception to this strict rule may only be packages having extra 
> features enabled and/or patches in comparison to the official ones. In 
> such an occasion the pkgname should be different to express that 
> difference. For example, a package for GNU screen containing the 
> sidebar patch could be named screen-sidebar. Additionally the 
> provides=('screen') array should be used in order to avoid conflicts 
> with the official package.

(N.B. "Official upstream binary" is not considered a feature).

Even if there weren't a strict rule against uploading packages already 
in the official repositories, there's this:

> Make sure the package you want to upload is useful. Will anyone else 
> want to use this package? Is it extremely specialized? If more than a 
> few people would find this package useful, it is appropriate for 
> submission.

I doubt that the official binary is something desirable to the 
larger community.

Consider maintaining your own personal PKGBUILD; many Archers do!
But please know that not every package belongs on the AUR.

Hope this helps!
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