[aur-general] Handling own requests (Was: [PRQ#29045] Deletion Request for hugo-bin)

Knut Ahlers knut at ahlers.me
Tue Nov 9 13:31:03 UTC 2021

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 1:24 AM George Rawlinson via aur-general
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> I am interested in seeing what others think (not just staff members) of
> the situation.

Not a TU here so just my two cents:

In general I like to have a four-eyes review for things being done
(code / infrastructure changes, "moderation actions", …) though I do
understand the requirement of being able to handle problematic cases
without waiting for another party to review the change (spam packages,
emergency fixes, misbehaving users, …).

For the action which caused this discussion for me the self-approval
was less an issue (the action is clearly documented and therefore the
path and reason of action is clear) than the short time of notice:
>From my own perspective having management of my packages mostly
automated this might cause trouble in the AUR as my automation might
interfere with the mod-action of removing the package.

So I would go with a guideline: actions **should** be reviewed and not
self-approved but in cases quick response is required, the acting TU
is **not required** to wait for a review. If there is no other TU
available, the requesting TU **should** at least give some time for
the maintainer to notice the request before approving themselves.

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