[aur-general] New AUR Metadata Archives

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at amdmi3.ru
Thu Nov 11 14:04:50 UTC 2021


> In addition to pre-existing archives, we've introduced two new
> archives that can be used instead of bulk queries against the RPC.

Thanks a lot for doing this, I'm switching Repology right onto the new
dump. This simplifies and speeds up repository metadata update in many
ways and also provides consistent information from one point in time.

I've verified that the contents I've been getting through the API
(/rpc/?v=5&type=info for all packages from packages.gz) are the same
except from minor differerences in License ordering (can you confirm
that it's stable?) and the fact that unicode characters in descriptions
are now correctly represented (abra package as example). Just FYI.

I wonder how hard it will be to also provide download URLs in this dump.
For instance, Repology uses these to report dead URLs.

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