[aur-general] Oauth client IDs inside AUR package

j.r j.r at jugendhacker.de
Sat Sep 4 13:27:46 UTC 2021


I'm currently trying to package multimc5 as VCS package. They recently
added support for logging into your Minecraft account via a Microsoft
account. But this requires a Microsoft client ID during compile. Now the
devs decided to not make the client ID for their own builds public.
Which they are okay to do, but this now comes with the problem that
there is no client ID that a AUR package could use for oauth with
Microsoft. I'm able to build it with my own client ID locally, but my
question is now if there is any best practice on how to include such
things into a package? Should we require users to create their own
client secret, which is pretty bad UX?

Best regards

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