[aur-general] request to make a -libs package

Sam Mulvey archlinux at sammulvey.com
Sun Feb 6 12:09:06 UTC 2022


I maintain the xen package in AUR, and I recently got a merge request on 
my private repo to split the libs off into a split package in order to 
make building packages for things like ocaml a little easier.   
Previously, packages depended on a now outdated xenstore package.

I have a vague hope of someone picking up the package at some point for 
inclusion into [community], or at least to that standard.  That said, I 
do want to be responsive to people.  There aren't many -libs packages 
out there, so I'm wondering where the standard is, and searching around 
hasn't been fruitful for me so far.

Any pointers would be welcome.   Thanks!

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