[aur-general] Rewriting astronciaiptv log needed

Ben Denhartog ben at sudoforge.com
Fri Feb 18 22:25:14 UTC 2022

On Fri, Feb 18, 2022, at 15:20, kestraly via aur-general wrote:
> Hi. I accidentally used my real name in astronciaiptv AUR commits ( 
> https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/log/?h=astronciaiptv ), is it 
> possible to change it to Astroncia? Thanks.

Hey there. You would need to rebase those commits, ensure you have signed with the desired identity, push that up somewhere, and then find a TU that is willing to force push your rebased tree to the `master` branch of the repository.

Please note that even if you're able to find a TU that is willing to do this, downstream users (including third party AUR helpers) would need to know how to handle a tree that has been overwritten via a force push. This may be undesired.

As a way to prevent this issue in the future, you can double check the identity you have configured either in your global (`~/.gitconfig` or `~/.config/git/config`) or local (`./.git/config` in the repository) configuration. If this is somewhat of a critical issue for you, I'd also recommend writing a hook to prevent yourself from ever committing with an incorrect identity.

  Ben Denhartog
  ben at sudoforge.com

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