[aur-requests] [PRQ#484] Merge Request for gtkparasite-gtk3-git

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Thu Aug 14 07:43:28 EDT 2014


> Scimmia [1] filed a request to merge gtkparasite-gtk3-git [2] into
> gtkparasite-git [3]:
> gtkparasite has switched to gtk3 only, so this is now a duplicate.

I'm glad to accept this merge request the package gtkparasite-git must
be updated from the maintainer in order to make it build and work properly.

Luo Limao would you please update the gtkparasite-git package fixing the
dependencies list?

Remove from dependencies list: pygtk
Add to the dependencies list: python2 and gsettings-desktop-schemas
Add to the makedependencies list: gnome-common

Feel free to give a look at the gtkparasite-gtk3-git PKGBUILD:

While it's not strictly required, a .install file with the instructions
how to use this module would be useful.
Please refer to:
Obviously if you would add such install file you have to specify it also
in the PKGBUILD.


Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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