[aur-requests] In response to: [PRQ#1316] Deletion Request for vim-default-editor.

Evgeniy Alekseev darkarcanis at mail.ru
Mon Nov 3 04:50:18 UTC 2014

At Sunday 02 November 2014 08:29:17 Todd Partridge wrote:
> I previously attempted responding directly to the address in the header
> as I was unable to find any additional information.  If this is an
> inappropriate way for this response, I apologize, and would appreciate any
> redirection.
> In response to: lahwaacz's filed a deletion request for vim-default-editor.
> The package of subject (named vim-default-editor) is composed of a simple,
> basic file.  The purpose of the file is to define Vim as a default editor
> for all users.  The reason for package's being is to keep track of the
> setting's file existence in the root directory.  I acknowledge, that it
> may be uncommon for just a single file to be a package; however, it's
> value I consider high.  For those that prefer the Vim editor (and for a
> number of utilities that can define an alternate editor) this package can
> be of good use.  It may be just one untracked file in the root directory;
> yet, how many files do we have untracked there?

To provide system-wide shell script usually in Linux system you may use two 
ways. The first one is to create a file into /etc (as your package does it). 
The second one is to create a file into /usr/local/smth. In both ways it's all 
right that these files are not under package manager control.

So I'll remove this package. And nano* package too.
Sincerely yours, E.Alekseev

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