[aur-requests] Problems with maintainer speps, orphan request

Philipp Überbacher murks at tuxfamily.org
Wed Nov 26 10:52:59 UTC 2014

Hi there,

the maintainer speps maintains a huge number of packages in AUR (607)
which he effectively does not maintain. He doesn't orphan them either,
despite many such requests in the comments. I bring this up here
because we have this situation since years.

One rather randomly picked example is the wxlua package:

It is flagged out of date since more than 8 months, several improved
PKGBUILDs have been posted in the comments and the maintainer does
nothing, not even disown.

Speps owns a larger number of audio related PKGBUILDs, consequently
I and other Arch audio users suffer from this situation since quite
some time now.

Please speps, maintain or disown your packages. I disowned my ~100
packages when I no longer found the time required to maintain them
properly, please do the same.

In case speps does not react, which is what I expect given my
experience so far, I ask the TUs to at least disown the packages in his
stead. Maybe there are some that he actually maintains, I don't know,
but please at least disown those that are flagged out of date and those
where it is obvious from the comments that the PKGBUILD doesn't work.

Thanks in advance from me and from the many users who will be glad to
get working PKGBUILDS.

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