[aur-requests] [rename request] My package was taken over by a TU and moved to extra

Matt Parnell mparnell at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 03:12:58 UTC 2015

I have been maintaining linux-zen for something like 4 or more years now,
and months ago migrated it to aur4.

Today upon trying to update it, I find that Jan Steffens has started his
own linux-zen package in extra (not using my build, or giving credit for
that matter), which is all fine and good but I got no notification, other
than "package blacklisted" upon trying to update AUR4.

Seeing as how I'd like to keep maintaining the git version, could someone
please rename my linux-zen packages in AUR and AUR4 to linux-zen-git? I'd
like to keep the votes and everything if possible.

I'm a little upset I wasn't notified about the name collision, as I
upgraded and it caused my default kernel to be broken. Seeing as how 23 or
more people use(d) my build, this can cause problems.

I also request for some sort of process to rename AUR builds, and give
ample time for users of them to upgrade or migrate before packages like
this are added to the repos, as pacman doesn't know the difference between
the AUR built version and the repo version, causing problems in custom
configurations such as mine.
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