[aur-requests] [PRQ#3672] Deletion Request for gtk-engine-mist

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Mon Jul 6 05:32:15 UTC 2015

FadeMind [1] filed a deletion request for gtk-engine-mist [2]:

Comment bidulock
2015-07-05 22:23
I'm sorry, there are more issues here. It is building 2.91.1, which is
for GTK3 only. The package should fall back to 2.21.0 so it builds
against GTK2 as advertised in the desc. Also, it should conflict with
gtk-engines (from extra), because gtk-engines from extra compiles all
engines, not just mist. Then there is the question, what is the need
for this package if gtk-engines from extra includes the "mist" theme

IMO should be deleted this package. 

[1] https://aur4.archlinux.org/account/FadeMind/
[2] https://aur4.archlinux.org/pkgbase/gtk-engine-mist/

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