[aur-requests] blacklisted qt4-private-headers

Giuseppe Borzi gborzi at ieee.org
Sat Mar 14 15:24:33 UTC 2015

Hi all,
I'm the maintainer of the topmenu packages in AUR, and the
topmenu-qt-git package needs qt4-private-headers to compile.
Unfortunately, this package is no longer provided in the repos, so I
decided to upload it in AUR. I found the PKGBUILD used by the old
official package, built and tested it. But when I tried to upload to
AUR I got this error message

qt4-private-headers is on the package blacklist, please check if it's
available in the official repos.

It should be removed from the blacklist, and out of curiosity,
why was the package removed from the repos?

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  University of Messina - Department of Civil Engineering
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