[aur-requests] Please rename the ZFS packages in AUR

Jesus Alvarez jeezusjr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 19:59:48 UTC 2016

Can someone fulfill these requests please? I need the zfs-git and zfs-lts
packages merged.

Please merge:

zfs-git -> zfs-linux
zfs-utils-git -> zfs-utils-linux
spl-git -> spl-linux
spl-utils-git -> spl-utils-linux

zfs-lts -> zfs-linux-lts
zfs-utils-lts -> zfs-utils-linux-lts
spl-lts -> spl-linux-lts
spl-utils-lts -> spl-utils-linux-lts


Previously, ZFSonLinux.org did not make timely releases, so when the linux
package released a new major version (4.5 for example), the AUR zfs package
could not be updated without including patches that support kernel 4.5. So
I modified the packages to pull from git at the commit that supported the
latest kernel so that people would not be stuck for weeks on the same
kernel. This is no longer required as upstream has been making timely
releases for more than a year now.

The reason for including "linux" in the name is to indicate the package
only supports the default "linux" packages. I keep getting requests to
support all kernel packages, but this is not possible with out
significantly complicating the PKGBUILD. I plan on adding support for
popular kernels in AUR such as "linux-vfio" which would result in a new zfs
package such as "zfs-linux-vfio" and "zfs-linux-vfio-git".

* https://github.com/archzfs/archzfs/issues/43
* https://github.com/archzfs/archzfs/issues/52

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