[aur-requests] Remove grub messages at boot

VendForce Security vendforce at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 09:18:06 UTC 2016

can you add this to the PKGBUILD in the grub prepare section

    #### Remove grub messages
    if grep -q "Welcome to GRUB!"
"${srcdir}/grub-${_pkgver}/grub-core/kern/main.c" ; then
    sed -i 's/Welcome to GRUB!\\n\\n//g'
    sed -i 's/loading//g'
    sed -i 's/.asciz "GRUB "/.asciz ""/g'
    sed -i 's/.asciz "."/.asciz ""/g'
    sed -i 's/.asciz "\\r\\n"/.asciz ""/g'

theres no need for those messages if grub isnt going to load then you will
get a black screen or default to shell printing a welcome message serves no
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