[aur-requests] [PRQ#4870] Deletion Request for vulkan

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Sat Mar 5 20:44:27 UTC 2016

Hi Eric

> Hi all,
> This request has been rejected by Muflone, and I don't quite understand;
> is there a reason to keep these packages around?
> I'm pretty sure my packages in the AUR have been superseded by Laurent
> Carlier's (lcarlier/lordheavy) in [extra], and can only confuse users.

There was nothing wrong in your request but as it was expressed, in a
question form. How could I reply you if I'd have accepted it? How could
you apply changes to the deleted package?
Feel free to submit the deletion request again once you cleared your

>     1ace [1] filed a deletion request for vulkan [2]:
>     extra/vulkan-sdk & extra/vulkan-icd-loader replace these vulkan-sdk &
>     vulkan-loader.

There's no vulkan-sdk package in extra. If it's named in a different way
please explain, I've no experience about vulkan.

The vulkan-loader package could be freely deleted instead.

>     Not sure what to do about the different name though; should I push an
>     update with the new name (vulkan-icd-loader) and `replaces=(vulkan-
>     loader)` to make those who installed my package use the new name, and
>     in a week (when hopefully people have upgraded to the new name)
>     actually delete this one?

You could add a comment to the package to immediately inform all the
users that have subscribed your package.
I don't think further actions are required.


Fabio Castelli aka Muflone

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