[aur-requests] [PRQ#7343] Orphan Request for mattermost-push-proxy

William Gathoye william at gathoye.be
Tue Jan 24 14:06:58 UTC 2017

Dear Janne,

On 01/24/2017 10:09 AM, Janne Heß wrote:
> Yes. I didn't take the mail seriously and I still don't. I'm sorry but I
> don't see any reason for disowning.

Since I have been really active in the Mattermost community and since
I'm an Arch Linux contributor, the Mattermost team asked me if they
could have only one person managing the Mattermost related packages on
the AUR, for ease of communication, practical usage, etc. Also, I'm in
the process to migrate the official Mattermost documentation related to
Arch Linux, back, where it should be, i.e. in the Arch Linux wiki. [1]

I answered I could maintain the whole Mattermost packages stack, but
this will require me to contact each maintainer individually.

This is why I contacted you and, as agreed, you put me as a co
maintainer. The only issue I have with being a co-maintainer is that I
do not have full rights to the package (inability to rename, etc.) and
due to a bug in AUR web, we do not have an easy access to packages we
co-maintain (until a patch is proposed in AUR, we need to check for the
package name manually).

This is why I asked you that I become the official maintainer. The only
way to do this is to disown the package, I readopt it and I put you as a
co-maintainer immediately.

But since it seems you are not willing to do so, I'll leave the
situation as it. Any way, as a co-maintainer, I still have commits rights.


[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Talk:Mattermost

William Gathoye
<william at gathoye.be>

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