[aur-requests] Answer to: [PRQ#10517] Orphan Request for ndi-sdk

Daniel Bermond danielbermond at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 16:00:52 UTC 2018

I'm the maintainer of AUR package ndi-sdk. This package has received an orphan request in February 7, 2018 and I would like to defend myself against this orphan request.
I'm not sure if this list is the right place to defend against an orphan request. I don't even know it there is a way to cancel an orphan request, so I'm writing here. I express my apologies beforehand if this is not the right place to defend against the orphan request. Please guide me to the correct place if here is not the right place for this.
I totally disagree with this orphan request. According to the AUR requests page, a package should be orphaned if it needs maintainer action, or if the maintainer is MIA.
Being such, I have to state some facts:
1) ndi-sdk package is _not_ out-of-date.
2) ndi-sdk package is _not_ broken. It is building and working fine.

3) I'm not missed. I'm here.
The AUR user named 'pschichtel' have posted a comment on the ndi-sdk package webpage _nine_days_ ago, and I still have not answered it yet, mostly because it's just a suggestion about changes that he likes to be made on the PKGBUILD. I have not yet got the time to analyse everything, because it looks likes to be a total rewrite of the PKGBUILD. I don't even think that I should answer such posts because I, as the maintainer, don't agree with many of his proposed changes that I could gather at a quick and first look. He also have emailed me, but only now I can see that his e-mail got into the spambox, so I could still not answer yet. His e-mail is from February 3rd, 2018.

Of course the PKGBUILD can be improved, like adding a 'glibc' dependency and other things. But I don't think that this should be sufficient to raise an orphan request.
I don't think either that an unanswered post from _nine_days_ ago on the package webpage and an unanswered e-mail from _four_days_ ago should be sufficient for accepting an orphan request.
So, I gently ask the AUR admins to reject this orphan request.
Best regards,

--Daniel M. Bermonde-Mail: danielbermond at yahoo.com
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