[aur-requests] Out of date AUR package I'd like to takeover

Jordan jordan at niau.io
Thu Apr 16 08:12:47 UTC 2020


I've attempted to contact the maintainer of the package with no
response (yet?) -- I am wondering if I can take over the package so
that I can maintain it. The package is:

I sent the following email two days ago (I do not know how long to wait):

Hello Jan,

I've taken the time to update the PKGBUILD for this repository since
it hasn't been for a while, and it's also running against the latest
version. Can you merge these changes in or I am happy to take over the
repo if you'd orphan it for me.

Here's the new PKGBUILD in it's entirety on ix (a pastebin-like
service but not crappy): http://ix.io/2hXz





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