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Problems width Supply?

ZKC21V | 2.13”
ZKC42V | 42”
ZKC75V | 75”

Size : 70*34.5*12.1mm
Size : 104.8*87*12.8mm
Size : 180.8*121.8*9mm

Screen : 48.55*23.7mm
Screen : 84.8*63.6mm
Screen : 163.2*97.9mm

Own factory, full production line

Sufficient inventory , ready to ship

We manufacture our products with our own full set of facilities,

We have a professional production team of nearly 300 people and a
large warehouse of 30,000 square meters to ensure sufficient
supply of goods and timely delivery.

We have access to more core and limited components like display
modules(2.13”/4.2”/7.5”) than any other supplier because our
stronger partnership with E-ink, the industry leader in
electronic paper display technology.

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