[aur-requests] Requesting new package: games/dMagnetic (Sorry about the last mail...)

Thomas Dettbarn dettus at dettus.net
Wed Dec 30 21:03:20 UTC 2020


So, I have this small project: https://www.dettus.net/dMagnetic 

It allows users to play classic Text Adventures like "The Pawn", "The 
Guild of Thieves",
"Jinxter", "Myth", "Fish!", "Corruption" and "Wonderland" in a Terminal 

It is not a game itself, merely an interpreter for the original games. 
As such, it is similar
to FROTZ, albeit for games from a different company.

I was wondering if one of you guys could turn it into an official Arch 
Linux package.
Personally, I am not an ArchLinux user. So I am a little bit reluctant 
to do it myself, since
I wouldn't know where the pitfalls are.

Are there any volunteers? Or at least somebody who can help me to create 
a package
on my own?

Thomas Dettbarn

P.S.: I am deeply sorry about my last Email. I sent it from my 
smartphone, and I was not
aware as of how HIDEOUS it would look like on your Mailing list, until I 
saw the result.
So this is basically the same text, albeit sent with a better Mail client.

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