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Solution (http://en.zkong.com/solution.html) Product
(http://en.zkong.com/productone.html) Contact

Dear Sir or Madam,

How are you?

We are Zkong Networks, an innovator and solution provider of
Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL). For years, we have been
focusing on various solutions to bridge over the technology gap
between Retailers and end-users. With the help of Zkong,
retailers can upgrade their online and offline infrastructure to
control and drive pricing and promotion with speed, agility, and

Hereby we released our latest sales policy for 2020, as an end
user you will get up-to-40% lowered price for product and
service, free training, much better quality, and more tailored
solutions. You will be assured outperform your competitors at the
market with Zkong’s support.

As Euroshop 2020 is coming soon, we sincerely invite you to join
us at booth 70C33-2 in the EXPO. Our CEO and VP are more than
glad to talk with your management team about above topic and
other business opportunities face to face.


For more information kindly refer to our E-catalogue link below


Kindly help for forwarding this email to your managers/ leaders

looking forward to hear from you soon.Your kind reply is highly


Yours sincerely

Richard Shi

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