[aur-requests] Why were my makepkg forks deleted?

Hunter Wittenborn hunter at hunterwittenborn.com
Mon Aug 2 10:54:54 UTC 2021

> Also if you still expect this to be deployed only in an environment where `pacman` is not present or that has any other conflicting tooling I suggest adding `conflicts=(pacman)` or similar to block installation on places it does not belong.

My fork of makepkg won't be utilizing any custom build of pacman, but rather just the one on the user's system (on the Arch releases of makedeb anyway, the '/usr/bin/pacman' placement is just for the Debian releases, as makepkg doesn't want to run if it's not present).

> In this case it looks like you have fixed the sources so it's probably fine to upload them again.

It looked like there were a couple of remaining issues, but I've gotten them all (that I know of) fixed.
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