[aur-requests] [PRQ#27570] Deletion Request for gccgo-bin

eNV25 eNV25 env252525 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 07:01:46 UTC 2021

Can you elaborate on why this package is bad?

I need this package because I need to easily change between the gc and
gccgo go compilers. I can easily do it with this package and the go
package installed at the same time:

    $ go build -compiler gccgo

I can't install both gcc-go and go at the same time because they both
provide the go command even though that's unnecessary. I need to do
this to switch compilers:

    # pacman -Rs go
    # pacman -S gcc-go
    $ go build
    # pacman -Rs gcc-go
    # pacman -S go

This package removes the go and gofmt commands but leaves the gccgo
command. This removes all conflicts with the go package in
[community]. As I said before you can use the -compiler option to use
the gccgo compiler.

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