[aur-requests] [PRQ#26744] Deletion Request for octoprint-venv Accepted

Jake aur at ja-ke.tech
Sun Jul 25 13:14:48 UTC 2021

Apparently a package that I regularly maintained for over 3 years and 
was the most popular Octoprint package is not even worth a comment 
before wiping out. I am extremely disappointed by that reaction!

Now only the 'octoprint' package is left, with the sloppy maintainer 
that takes multiple months for an update, does not react to comments or 
ood flags, still uses a install script with broken paths (python 2.7), 
breaks the octoprint plugin system and the best part: it also installs 
into a venv! So if using a venv would be really the reason for deleting 
my package then 'octoprint' should be deleted immediately too.

For other reasons I can only speculate, maybe you think using a -venv 
suffix (to make clear that it includes a virtualenv) was a bad decision? 
But then why not just gracefully merge/rename?

I guess I am shouting into a void, same as my last mail nobody reads 
this anyway and you almighty TUs don't care if only broken crap is left 
on the AUR. Makes no sense to waste anymore of my time here.

On 25.07.21 04:38, notify--- via aur-requests wrote:
> Request #26744 has been accepted by yan12125 [1].
> [1] https://aur.archlinux.org/account/yan12125/

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