pactree(8) and Optional Depends.

Johannes Löthberg johannes at
Sat Mar 16 15:58:37 UTC 2019


Excerpts from Ralph Corderoy's message of March 15, 2019 12:04:
> It would be nice if pactree(8) had an option to include optional
> dependencies, i.e. treat them as dependencies.  I was trying to obtain
> them as part of `pactree -s -r', but non-reverse would be useful too.
> I'm not sure if they should be marked as optional in the output somehow,
> e.g. a trailing ` ?', reminiscent of an extended regular expression's
> operator.

Indeed, and we have a feature request[0] open for this already.  I 
additionally threw something together for it years ago, but there were 
some edge cases that patch didn't handle.

I might have time to implement it properly some day, but patches would 
be welcome.

  Johannes Löthberg :: SA0DEM
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