My patch is buggy, don't apply it

Sebastian Jakubiak at
Fri Mar 6 21:40:44 UTC 2020

The patch from the parent email:

> From: at (Sebastian Jakubiak)
> Date: Fri,  6 Mar 2020 03:10:38 +0100
> Subject: [PATCH] pactree: Implement handling of multiple packages
> In-Reply-To: < at>
> References: < at>
> Message-ID: < at>
> Make it possible to invoke pactree for multiple packages at once.
> [...]

is broken. I didn't take into into account situations when target
packages (that is, the ones given as arguments to pactree) repeat or
one target package is a dependency of another. Some specific examples:

pactree tar tar xz
pactree [-g] tar glibc

I'm sorry.

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