"IgnorePkg" feature request

Atreya Shankar shankar.atreya at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 18:39:28 UTC 2022

Dear Pacman-Contrib Team,

Good day, I am one of the developers working on the `downgrade` AUR
package (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/downgrade) and have a quick
question in regards to a potential feature request.

Some background: our `downgrade` package aims to ease downgrading of
packages in Arch Linux. This is done by searching either the Arch Linux
Archive or local caches and then providing the user with previous
package selection options. Finally, `downgrade` provides the user with
the ability to automatically add the downgraded package name to the
`IgnorePkg` directive such that this package is no longer updated.

Recently, we received feature requests to automate the editing of the
`IgnorePkg` directive. As an example, assume we are currently ignoring
updates on package `foo` due to some upstream bug. Now after the bug is
fixed, it would be nice to be able to remove `foo` from the `IgnorePkg`
directive programmatically. This could be done using a new script called
`pacignore` with an example command being: `pacignore rm foo`. This
command could accept other subcommands such as `ls` for listing and
`add` for adding packages to `IgnorePkg`, as described in our discussion


Naturally, we could develop this `pacignore` script as part of
`downgrade`. However, we believe it would be better suited as part of
`pacman-contrib` (or even `pacman` proper) since it could benefit the
larger Arch Linux community. Given this, we would like to ask for your
feedback; specifically if you think that the proposed `pacignore` script
could feasibly be part of `pacman-contrib` (or `pacman` proper)?

With this information, we would then be able to submit a formal feature
request in the appropriate channel.

Thank you for your time, wishing all a nice day ahead.

Atreya Shankar
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