[pacman-dev] a small try to solve the "install something which conflicts" problem

VMiklos vmiklos at frugalware.org
Sat Dec 17 20:23:04 EST 2005

ok, so we have this problem, (can't remove a package while a sync
transaction is in progress) but that's only the end of the problem, the
way is long till that :)


so here is a small try:
- it will ask you if you want to remove the given pkg - not just exits
  silently without explaining what's the problem
- it compiles but there is a '// XXX' where the remove transaction
  should be done
- currently it segfaults after you answered and i have not too much idea
  about why

so this is a "hoy hoy", i tried to do something around this big problem,
but i need help, i can't solve it only by myself :)

udv / greetings,

Developer of Frugalware Linux, to make things frugal - http://frugalware.org

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