[pacman-dev] [PATCH] fix missing FAKEROOTKEY export in makepkg

VMiklos vmiklos at frugalware.org
Wed Oct 19 16:58:48 EDT 2005


first, thx Judd for creating this

here is a small trivial patch for pacmcan-2.9.7's makepkg:

see the patch header for the details

i wanted to send here the cvs diff output, but it seems Judd did not
updated makepkg when he updated pacman to 2.9.7. in makepkg's version
there is 2.9.2. so the other question: is it really in 2.9.2's state?
i think it is in 2.9.5, but i'm not sure.

then are anyone working on porting the makepkg-2.9.5-vs-2.9.7 patch to

udv / greetings,

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