[pacman-dev] mtab required to install packages; intended behaviour?

Alex kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Wed Dec 6 06:01:33 EST 2006

Hey all,

I just gave the latest Pacman CVS state a go on archppc. I ran into a 
few problems of which one made me curious about wether this was intended 
or not. Let me explain:

To try pacman fully, I decided to build a archppc/base. First I was 
trying quickinst with new pacman3 on my root system. It segfaulted, if 
this issue is not known, let me know.

Anyway, installed the chroot with pacman 2.9.8 and rebuilt pacman3 
inside of it. When instaling mc it was saying that there was not enough 
space left. Come to think of it, `df -h` doesn't really say anything cos 
of missing mtab. Is this intended?



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