[pacman-dev] script spaces/tabs, modelines, etc.

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:21:31 EST 2006

Sounds good. It came up when I was taking a look at FS#2978 because I
had to do some long indents of existing code and I noticed how it was
starting to look really weird in the diffs.

Speaking of that, I have taken a look at the following issues in
makepkg and either already threw patches up here or hopefully will
#2978- add a 'repackage' option to makepkg
#3289- look at ftp return code (btw, I added a line to remove a file
there...I don't know if that is always necessary because sometimes
wget can continue successfully. However, the fact that the return
codes are not standardized makes it tough to know whether this
situation applies)
#5021- removing info and doc files from non-usr locations


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