[pacman-dev] Patch for makepkg bug #5021

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 13:24:35 EST 2006

> alternatively, adding:
> DOC_DIRS="${DOC_DIRS[@]},foo,bar,baz" inside the build() function
> might work too... untested, but it should work in theory....
That would work as long as we assume the build function is always
ran...not true with my next patch for #2978...package without build.

The other option would be to make it a optional parameter (along the
lines of license) in the PKGBUILD. We could have a default path of the
normal /usr/share/info and its variants, and if the particular package
needed to override it we could allow a line in the build file along
the lines of:
docdir=(/opt/gnome/share/info /opt/gnome/share/gtk-doc)

We could then use this + the defaults when removing the info, and
basically ignore it if the keepdoc option was added.


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