[pacman-dev] NoUpgrade issues

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 11:00:04 EST 2006

First off, thanks to Thomas and Travis for helping me out with this one.

There is an issue with pacman and the NoUpgrade removal.  Let me try
to breeze over it.

Files marked in the backup=() array have saved MD5 sums in pacman's
db.  Theses are used for comparison when upgrading.  It compares the
'local' md5 sum (on the file system), the 'new' md5 sum, from the
package, and the 'original' md5 sum from the database.

Here is the problem:  in BOTH pacman 2 and 3, when a package is marked
NoUpgrade, pacman stores the 'local' md5 sum in the database instead
of the 'original' md5 sums.  I can see this _possibly_ being
intentional, but here's where the problem occurs.  When you remove
NoUpgrade, the 'original' and 'local' md5 sums are the same.  The
comparission says "oh this file hasn't been touched since it was
installed, we can overwrite it" and kills your configs.

So, the proposed solution, which is the easiest:
Fix pacman3 to store the correct md5 sum even if it is a NoUpgrade
file.  Then, we leave the NoUpgrade lines in pacman.conf and wait one
release (or more) to remove them.  Removing them will happen after
each NoUpgrade package has been upgraded (or artificially version

Those packages:
...and one or two others I forget...

Does anyone have an issue with this solution?

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