[pacman-dev] http date handing

Aurelien Foret aurelien at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 4 13:18:06 EST 2006

VMiklos wrote:
>>I know this probably doesn't belong here (since I can't offer a patch),
>>but you might know of a better solution than I.  It's probably not even
>>important enough to fix (unless the change can be copied to pacman3
> from the TODO:
> "- add HTTP support for .lastupdate files"
> so this feature is available only for ftp, not for http or file

Indeed, but I've got a patch in the pipe (targeted at the pacman library 
I miss this feature quite much, so I think I'll commit it after a few 
more tests.

By the way, there's a FR logged in our bugtracker (see 
So, the need to backport it to pacman 2.9.x should be discussed.
To say it all, I'm quite inclined to.

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