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Aurelien Foret aurelien at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 30 17:29:50 EST 2006

VMiklos wrote:
> http://darcs.frugalware.org/darcsweb/darcsweb.cgi?r=pacman;a=plain_commitdiff;h=20060130114048-e2957-8274109fdbaafc6c4beabbc5189fccb5e9240034.gz;
> currently only 3 tests, for fakeroot itself, add and remove
> do you like this idea?

In fact, yes: I've been working on a test suite for pacman for the last 
two weeks. The idea is basically the same, although it extends it a 
little bit further.

The whole thing is a python script allowing to perform high level tests 
with pacman. What I've got so far is working pretty well and is quite 
easy to use.
I put in it some test cases today as examples on how to use it.
The script generates automatically the test environment described in the 
test case, run pacman, collect its logs, and then check a set of rules.
Make sure the pacman binary to test is in the PATH, then run:
./pactest.py --debug=-1 --test=test/*

I hadn't plan to release it before a few days, but now that the idea is 
in the air, I thought it would be better to share it as is.

Note: this is mainly the reason why a "--disable-fakeroot" option was 
added to the CVS code a few days ago, in order to allow running the test 
suite as a normal user.
The attached patch allows to do the same with pacman 2.9.7.

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