[pacman-dev] TODO update

Aurelien Foret aurelien at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 5 08:08:07 EST 2006


The following items can be considered as closed:
[7] remove exit calls from libalpm
[10] pacman -Sw (I've added a NOCONFLICTS flag to transactions to bypass 
conflicts in case of a download only operation)

For information, I'm still working on item [6]. I've added and committed 
a few more debug messages regarding conflicts handling. Some logs about 
file conflicts are still missing.

Here is the updated TODO:

[2] possible db corruption because of pmsyncpkg_t struct:
the spkg field is just a pointer to data from the cache, which is likely
to change during sync_commit

[5] database cleanup
b) do not add name and version entries in "desc" file (already available
in the directory name), and also for .PKGINFO file (in makepkg)?
=> on hold for now

[6] more debug messages in libalpm
some parts of the code still remain obscure (file conflicts handling for
instance) even when running pacman with "--debug=-1"

[8] .lastupdate review
Is the .lastupdate file really needed? Using mtime isn't enough?

[9] review file conflict code
See this thread:


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