[pacman-dev] config handling

Xavier Chantry x.chantry at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 26 11:48:15 EDT 2006

On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 12:12:02PM +0300, ????? ??????? wrote:
> >>         * lib/libalpm/add.c: changed behaviour with
> >>           original=X,current=Y,new=Z backup scenario -- install new file as
> >>           .pacnew and keep old one in place
> >>
> >> it seems that later it was backported to pacman2
> >>
> >> just wanted to mention you that before this change the NoUpgrade option
> >> was really important
> >>
> >
> > Ha yes indeed, this change was made in the latest 2.9.8 release, and it's indeed
> > very important. But that's really the way it should have been since the start
> > (since there are no automerging kind of stuff, which doesn't really matter btw :)).
> > Now if these pacnew files are only extracted when the default config files were
> > actually updated, it'll be easier to track down these changes and update manually
> > the corresponding config files.
> > I'm glad that you agree that NoUpgrade is less important now, and I can also see
> > why it was needed before.
> > So either NoUpgrade should be removed, or moving config files outside NoUpgrade
> > should be fixed by storing the correct md5sum. My patch does it, since it makes
> > pacman handle config files in NoUpgrade like the others, but it also checks
> > md5sum to see whether the pacnew file needs to be extracted or not. So the only
> > difference left is in the case :
> > original=X,current=X,new=Y
> > where the config file should be safely updated, but NoUpgrade still prevents it
> > (but doesn't make much sense to me).
> Hi! I'm new to this list, so please sorry if I do some stupid things. :)
> Just want to say: NoUpgrade should not be removed! It is very
> important if, for example I have modified rc.sysinit and don't want it
> to be silently overwritten during upgrade. For config files (files
> that are in backup=() array) NoUpgrade is not needed, but it is useful
> for other files that were modified by user.

Well I thought about this problem, but the way I see it, these files (like rc.sysinit) should be added to the backup array.

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