[pacman-dev] Is there plans to improve perl modules handling?

Роман Кирилич roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Mon May 29 10:33:46 EDT 2006

> I suggested this once - before frugalware made fwcpan - but  I got shot
> down pretty fast.
> Hopefully people now have renouced their opinions.

I found nice script for CPAN modules handling:
perl-cpanplus-pacman - http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=21048
Hmm... If something like this could be official Arch tool than all
perl modules that are not dependencies for some other packages can be
removed from all repos.
But IMHO it is better to have some minimal support in Pacman too.
I think about something like this in PKGBUILD:
  depends=('pkgA' 'pkgB' 'CPAN')
  modules=('cpan-module-a' 'cpan-module-b' 'cpan-module-c')
Pacman sees the CPAN as dependency then checks if each cpan-module-*
package (they are standard Arch packages) is installed and if not -
asks user to install them and then passes each module package name to
helper script which downloads missed modules and generates those
missed cpan-module-* packages, then pacman continues to install our
(wow, such long sentence :-D)

> Comletely OT: but is my english "syntax" correct? breaking up the sentence
> into blabla - extra info - blabla ?
English is not my native language too. :-)

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OT: Opera's Mail client is the best mail client ever created! :-D

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