[pacman-dev] [PATCH] gettext support - part 1

Judd Vinet jvinet at zeroflux.org
Wed May 31 13:08:56 EDT 2006

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 02:48:47PM +0200, VMiklos wrote:
> a better solution is what krix did, except that this way you need to
> generate the .pot file manually
> after sh autoclean.sh run
> "intltool-update --pot --gettext-package=pacman" in /src/pacman/po and
> it should be ok

Hmm, it still hates me...

[jvinet at mars po]$ pwd
[jvinet at mars po]$ intltool-update --pot --gettext-package=pacman
ERROR: xgettext failed to generate PO template file because there is non-ASCII
       string marked for translation. Please make sure that all strings marked
       for translation are in uniform encoding (say UTF-8), then *prepend* the
       following line to POTFILES.in and rerun intltool-update:

           [encoding: UTF-8]

Prepending that string changed nothing.

- J

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