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VMiklos vmiklos at frugalware.org
Wed Oct 4 05:40:40 EDT 2006

On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 01:31:53AM -0500, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/3/06, VMiklos <vmiklos at frugalware.org> wrote:
> Using cvs is 100% not viable.  There are 100 cases I can think of
> where judd would not be logged in cvs, yet still had wrote some of
> it... for instance (please read the first case a few times):
> * He was the author of pacman 2, on which this code is based, thus
> satisfying the GPL

okay, we need facts. what about alpm.c? i _do_ think it was nowhere in

> * He emailed the files to someone else
> * The files were moved from one repository to another, and changes
> were not preserved
> * The originals were made outside of cvs, and the first check in was
> done by another user

that's the situation with Aurelien, not with Judd. i don't know if Judd
is the author of alpm.c or not. as you can see i haven't removed his
name even originally the whole file may be writted by Aurelien

> I can go on and on.  Simple fact of the matter is that you cannot use
> CVS logs to do this.  Hey, none of you guys have your names listed in
> our cvs, can I remove those?

1) if not listed, then what to remove?

2) see the cvs logs, see the AUTHORS file. if that makes you happy, then
feel free to remove me, ask Christian and Aurelien about their lines

> It's still just rather rude to go about and do these things.  I know
> you guys are trying to contribute and all, but this is rather inane.

stop. it was me who updated the copyright lines, this issue has nothing
with Christian or any other developer

> And besides, you talk about "invalid copyrights".... says who?  It is
> completely within legal limits for an author to not be a copyright
> holder.

okay, i'm still not a lawyer. who decides if the author is the copyright
holder is the author or not?

> +COPYRIGHT_HOLDER = Yoyodyne, Inc.

feel free to flame me, but this is already checked in by Judd:
$ find . -type f |xargs grep 'COPYRIGHT_HOLDER ='
./lib/libalpm/po/Makevars:COPYRIGHT_HOLDER = Judd Vinet
./src/pacman/po/Makevars:COPYRIGHT_HOLDER = Yoyodyne, Inc.

and of course you can see, that's the default, so the story imho is the
1) when krix added the files to our tree, he fogot to change the default
copyright holder
2) he sent here the patch
3) Judd corrected the copyright line
4) we never noticed he modified the patch we sent him

conclusion: we never changed "Judd Vinet" to "Yoyodyne, Inc."

> I would be rather offended.  In fact, it's not even me and it offends
> the crap out of me.

yes, that's strange. i could say don't talk about this at all, because
it's Judd and my business, definitely not your one

maybe you don't see, but i still would like to be constructive. let's
try to turn this endless flame thread to some positive discussion and
let's try to find out a solution

1) if you have enough time, then please fix the copyright lines in the
cvs by hand, and when their are fixed, i'm sure the difference between
the arch tree and in our tree will be minimal and i'll change the
headers in our tree so that there will be no difference

2) please understand that the current state in the cvs is invalid. if
you have time, then search for the first pacman release that featured
pacman's -T option. even in our tree the copyright says pacman_deptest()
is from 2002, which is obviously not true. same for alpm.h and so on

3) if you think the copyright lines in the cvs are valid, then please
have a look at the kernel's source, there is zero "copyright 1991-2006
Linus Torvalds" line

4) in other words, i've sent here a patch to modify those lines, you said
the patch is not ok, then feel free to improve it. and of course you
have the right to reject the patch, but please consider the ideas
mentioned above before doing so

udv / greetings,

Developer of Frugalware Linux, to make things frugal - http://frugalware.org

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