[pacman-dev] Time for changes

Cameron Daniel me at camdaniel.com
Sat Oct 7 02:02:58 EDT 2006

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:09:06 -0700
Judd Vinet <jvinet at zeroflux.org> wrote:

> I'll get your back when I can, Aaron.  I've merged most of the
> libarchive stuff in, but it's not committed yet.  For some reason, the
> static linking fails.  Dynamic one works fine.  I tested this with
> FW's pacman and I had the same error, so it's likely something on my
> system, not in the pacman build setup.

If you haven't found the problem here yet it's libtool-slay. Use ABS to
rebuild libarchive without removing libarchive.la and pacman3 will build
fine :-)

I've started to play around with pacman myself and while I'm no expert
with C - in fact I'm still learning, if I make any changes that I feel
others can benefit from I'll post them here. Nice to see development
picking up again!

  - cs-cam

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