[pacman-dev] Documentation

Christian Hamar krics at gds.hu
Mon Oct 9 11:37:45 EDT 2006

> > I'd like to see if we can some up with a decent way to allow for us to
> > use the same documentation base, as sedding this stuff on merge seems
> > like a waste of time.  The simplest solution is to just make them all
> > .in files and set autoconf variables like:
> > PKG_EXT = pkg.tar.gz #already discussed in the TODO
> > etc etc
> >
> > Does this sound worthwhile? Are there other ideas? I'm trying to open
> > up discussion here and look for any and all suggestions.
> BTW, doesn't this problem with different man pages in different
> distros confirms my last post in "Problems with frugalware splitname
> changes" thread about usefulness of config schema proposed by
> CHristian Hamar? ;-)
> Config options like --with-distro=arch, --with-distro=frugalware can
> be used to apply changes to man pages too.

Hey so. That was my idea too. Using schemes not means difference imho.
And not cause that it will be bad or unreadable or unmaintainable.

In one of your mail Aaron, you said that you never say any program that
uses #ifdef REDHAT or #ifdef DEBIAN or etc.. schema (you saw #ifdef
SOLARIS, etc but that is not the same story)

There are progs which uses that :) Just see gnome / network-manager or
system-tools-backend. system-tools-backend works with some scheme
releated thing. There are schemes for distributions. And when you
compile then you specify that ./configure --with-distribution=foo

Then schemas from foo will be used and all will be good, because in
foo.scheme (or .in or schemes/foo.in) there is proper defines for
values. At pacman we can define BUILD_SCRIPT_NAME, PKG_EXT, CACHEDIR,
DB_EXT and many things which is actually hardcoded into alpm.h .

And i think this will cause that pacman can be used well in new
distributions, because it will be easy to customize stuffs for new
distros with this scheme system.

I'm not sure that we are talking the same, am i right that i see you
agree with schema system that i suggested ?

Christian Hamar alias krix

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