[pacman-dev] pacman and perl

Jeff 'codemac' Mickey jeff at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 11 21:26:45 EDT 2006

* On Wednesday, October 11 2006, Charles Mauch wrote:

>1.  Dump whatever perl-module naming scheme (if there is one) for arch 
>modules and simply use the CPAN module name.  I don't know how many times
>I'll lookfor Foo::Bar, only to discover pacman's named it perl-bar-foo or
>some other nonesense.  Is there a current naming scheme for modules?

In my opinion, the naming scheme for this should be perl-module-foo-bar.  
Obescenely long, but it also eliminates the chance of a name colision with 
a seperate, non-cpan project.

>2.  I dont know how reasonable this is, but I would *love* to manage all my
>packages with the cpan tool.  Maybe pacman could act as a wrapper to the
>cpan command?  Or as an alterative, maybe provide an option to install cpan
>modules instead of packages into some other directory.  Yes, I know the
>implications of something like this on PKGBUILD's might be horrendous. :)

>2a.  Yes, cpan is horrible at times.  An alternative might be cpanplus.

>3.  Another idea would be to create a small tool which creates pacman style
>tarball bundles out of *all* the cpan modules once every few weeks, and
>stores them on a repo somewhere.  Something like
>http://rpmpan.sourceforge.net/ for arch.  This would eliminate the need for
>cpan at all.  When i dicovered http://perl.arix.com/cpan2rpm/ I just about
>sh*t myself the idea was so cool too :)

I feel like 3 is the more reasonable option, but I love the idea of 2.  
Having cpan built into pacman, so it would download the source from cpan, 
and then install the files as the appropriate package on your system.  The 
problem there obviously lies in that then we are essentially building parts 
of makepkg _into_ pacman.  Maybe makepkg could be the wrapper?

>Anyway, some ideas.  Thoughts?  Am I just spinning my wheels?

Great ideas.

    //  codemac

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