[pacman-dev] Frugalware changes merged.

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 11:25:50 EDT 2006

So as of yesterday I checked in all frugalware changes I received.  I
also added the file-conflict progress bar (talk to ya'll on

Now, the CVS may be a tad messy right now - and the docs still have
some "frugal" instances in there, but the functionality is there.

A few changes I made while testing this out:

alpm_parse_config additional parameter for the current section.  This
allows for sections to be declared before include files (this is the
way the arch configs currently work).  I actually like this more, and
it doesn't break anything.

I moved the <repo>/<group>/<pkgname> <version> output to look like on of:
<repo>/<pkgname> <version> (<group>)
<repo>/<pkgname> <version>

This is because, unlike frugalware packages, not all arch packages are
grouped, so there was alot of "current/(null)/foobar" output.  Also, I
think the fake pathing could potentially be confusing for some users.
We could probably find a common solution to this here... lemme know if
you guys have any suggestions that fit with both arch and frugalware.

I also moved the ftplib progress info to the front of the bar, so that
the progress bar aligns with the other progressbars.

Other than those, I think the functionality is all there.  There's
some code cleanup I want to do too, but that's unimportant right now.
Next on the list is doc cleanup.

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