[pacman-dev] Things to iron out

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 17:31:53 EDT 2006

There are some differences of opinion on some of these things - I'd
like to hear developer opinions (especially judd) on the following
topics, so we can get a few of these things out of the way:

** -$ARCH package name suffix - do we want this? How should we handle
backwards compatability if we do move to this scheme?

** SHA1 vs MD5 - opinions/views on this? I know frugalware seems to
like sha1, but md5 is the defacto file-validation mechanism (if only
for checking if the download is uncorrupted).  As Juergen brought up
on the arch-dev ML: md5 may be easy to collide when dealing with
something like ps files that contain hidden data, but binary files,
like .gz files, are very difficult to find collisions for.

** Version number - Frugalware is currently at 3.4.X, while we haven't
released a single 3.0 release - how should we handle this?  Jump right
into 3.5 ?

** Anything else? I'd like to hear any outstanding issues the
Frugalware peeps have.


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