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On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 23:31:53 +0200, Aaron Griffin  
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> There are some differences of opinion on some of these things - I'd
> like to hear developer opinions (especially judd) on the following
> topics, so we can get a few of these things out of the way:
> ** -$ARCH package name suffix - do we want this? How should we handle
> backwards compatability if we do move to this scheme?
> ** SHA1 vs MD5 - opinions/views on this? I know frugalware seems to
> like sha1, but md5 is the defacto file-validation mechanism (if only
> for checking if the download is uncorrupted).  As Juergen brought up
> on the arch-dev ML: md5 may be easy to collide when dealing with
> something like ps files that contain hidden data, but binary files,
> like .gz files, are very difficult to find collisions for.
> ** Version number - Frugalware is currently at 3.4.X, while we haven't
> released a single 3.0 release - how should we handle this?  Jump right
> into 3.5 ?

Well the package managers won't be excactly the same will they? I mean if  
you can't guarantee that I think something like this should be posted to  
main page:

We (or maybe you should just say "you", Aaron :)) keeps the frugalware and  
archlinux pacman in sync but the version numbers are not the same to avoid  
confusion when archlinux or frugalware pacman differ in implementation due  
to political disagrement.
> ** Anything else? I'd like to hear any outstanding issues the
> Frugalware peeps have.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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